We're in an age of revolution. Will it be enough?

Artwork by Erin Eberle / Instagram

LISTENING: to my cat purr on my arm
FEELING: loved, if only for a moment
SEEING: my cat's sleepy face

At the grocery store Monday night, my partner and I were talking to the owner and someone with him when we mentioned my boyfriend's new job as a carpenter at Columbia University. The owner's buddy, someone we had never met before, went on to disparage the student-led protests happening at Columbia. He called them "stupid" and "a waste of taxpayer money" given the police presence.

I stood silent and listened until he paused long enough for me to interject. "I love protests," I said defiantly. "I go out whenever I can, and I love what the students are doing." He then said, "I think they should all go to jail," to which I responded, "I think prisons should be abolished."

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