About this newsletter

Possibilities is an independent creative newsletter focused on where crisis and community meet.

Possibilities is an independent climate newsletter launched in June 2023 by me, Yessenia Funes. I have covered environmental and climate justice for nearly a decade. You can find my work in Atmos, The Guardian, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Earther, i-D, Grist, YES! Magazine, and more.

Read more about me on my personal website here.

The newsletter will follow a diary style where I share intimate thoughts related to the week's climate news, as well as behind-the-scenes details about my ongoing reporting and projects.

Possibilities will publish every Thursday.

Newsletter Format

The newsletter will feature:
🌀 Stories from my archive that are presently relevant
🌀 Previews of stories and projects I'm currently working on
🌀 Info that didn't make it into stories I published that week
🌀 Links to what I've been reading that week
🌀 A section to honor lives recently lost to extreme weather events
🌀 My own artistic work, including collages and poetry

My long-term goals for Possibilities:
🌀 Independently license art to feature
🌀 Invite paid guest contributors to write editions
🌀 Write and report newsletter-only stories


Though some editions will be available for free, the newsletter will feature subscriber-only exclusives, including original collages and poetry I create. My long-term goals will be possible only if there is enough subscriptions to support those dreams.

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