City of Angels

After a trip to L.A., I reflect on the Salvadoran diaspora and the ways we face discriminatory burdens.

City of Angels
Photograph by Maria Francesca Melis / Website

LISTENING: to Billie Eilish on repeat
FEELING: so very hot
SEEING: rainbows sparkle across my office thanks to my hardworking sun catchers

I just got back Monday morning from a weekend trip to Los Angeles, where CISPES, a local organization in solidarity with El Salvador, invited me to speak about my story for Atmos back in January about the water protectors the government has been allegedly targeting.

I was struck by the oil and gas industry's presence in the city. As soon as I left the airport to head into town, fracking wells began to dot the landscape. One after the other, they felt pervasive. Over a thousand wells remain active in the county. Oil and gas production has been on a downward trend, but it's not gone. Not yet.

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