Train Thoughts

I share quick thoughts after a high-speed rail trip in Europe.

Train Thoughts
Photograph by Hannah Mendez / Instagram

LISTENING: to the sound of people on the street
FEELING: sleepy from my travels
SEEING: the gray skies of Amsterdam

I'm in Amsterdam, and I feel so blessed.

So blessed to have the liberty to move between borders, to come and go as I please, to go to sleep full, and to wake up with comfort. I rode over here on the high-speed rail service from London. I wish the U.S. had a system as esteemed.

Imagine if we did. It isn't impossible.

Welcome to Possibilities, a creative climate newsletter on the possibilities that lie where crisis meets community. I’m Yessenia Funes, and I'm on vacation.

I was in London to speak at the Textile Exchange's annual conference where I moderated a panel on solution-based climate storytelling. Now, I'm taking a few days to explore, eat, and imbibe. Find me in the coffee shops, y'all. Anyway, I wanted to check in and remind y'all of all that is possible — all that already exists in other parts of the globe.

We have speedy, comfortable, low-emissions trains in Europe. Why can't Americans have the same? I'm able to go in and out of countries without stress. Why can't Palestinians or other folks under the threat of genocide do the same?

Today's is short and sweet. I'm too tired to go on for long. Take care of your hearts. And spread love. So much is possible, but only if we dare to dream. 🌀

Rest in Power

While we can't say for certain that climate change led to these specific weather events (we need attribution studies for that), we do know that the Earth's rising temperatures are already creating more disasters like these.

At least 27 are dead after Hurricane Otis pummeled Mexico Thursday.

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From Hala Alyan in The New York Times: "The task of the Palestinian is to be palatable or to be condemned. The task of the Palestinian, we’ve seen in the past two weeks, is to audition for empathy and compassion. To prove that we deserve it. To earn it."


in order for me to write poetry
that isn't political,
I must listen to the birds,
and in order for me
to hear the birds,
the war planes must be silent

-Marwan Makhoul-

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See you next week. xx

- Yessenia