An Endless Nightmare

President Joe Biden just moved to shut down the southern border. The timing couldn't be worse.

An Endless Nightmare
Photograph by Carlos Jaramillo for Atmos / Instagram

LISTENING: "you'd have to stop the world just to stop the feeling"
FEELING: really fucking confused
SEEING: my cat's hair get blown everywhere by my AC

It's officially air conditioning season in New York City. It's hot as balls, and there's no way I'm going to suffer without some artificially cooled air. And then, I remember how lucky I am to live this way. To have reprieve the push of a button away. That's not true for many people around the globe.

The ones who come to mind today, however, are the migrants and asylum seekers who walk through the southwestern desert with hopes of reaching the U.S. In the Southwest, the first heat wave is underway with temperatures in the triple digits ahead of the season schedule.

During the past weekend alone — the first weekend in June — U.S. Customs and Border Protection recorded four deaths. In 2022, the agency confirmed 365 deaths related to extreme heat in the border region, a nearly 67 percent increase from the 219 deaths recorded in 2021.

That number is only likely to increase with President Joe Biden's recent executive order to shut the border to asylum seekers.

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